1039 Manual Control Set 1


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This is a New In Box Set

This LEGO® set is in its original sealed box and has never been opened.

Retired by LEGO®

LEGO® produces each set for a limited time, usually 2-3 years. After that they stop selling it and it becomes a retired set. Once a set is no longer available from LEGO® its value can increase if it is highly desired. We strive to offer competitive pricing on retired sets.


The 1039 is a supplemental set designed to work with 1980's 4,5V/12V electric parts,  everything before the 9V/electric system was introduced:
870 / 8700 Technic motor
107 Basic motor
970 Lighting bricks

You get 3 train remote control switches, but with special printing patters on them. You can combine them to a nice-looking control panel, and connect them to the 4,5V cell battery box or to the train 12V power supply.
Control up to 3 motors or lighting circuits using this great little vintage kit.

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