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Defeat the forces of Sauron in a great Battle at the Black Gate!

Fly the Great Eagle high above the Black Gate of Mordor where Aragorn and Gandalf the White must distract the Eye of Sauron. Use them to stage a scene while Frodo Baggins and his friend Sam throw the One Ring into the fiery depths of Mount Doom and destroy it forever. To reach the Ring’s final destination, you must defeat the Mouth of Sauron and the Mordor Orcs positioned high in the spiked gate walls. Then breach the gate and lead the attack on the enemy! 

• Includes a Great Eagle and 5 minifigures with weapons: Aragorn™, Gandalf™ the White, Mouth of Sauron and 2 Mordor™ Orcs
• Black Gate features cool spiked detailing, opening and locking doors, secret entrance and a catapult
• Also includes a posable horse
• Includes 5 weapons: staff, 3 swords and a ball and chain
• Combine multiple sets for even bigger battles
• Defeat the Mouth of Sauron on the posable horse!
• Look out for flying catapult rocks!
• Sneak through the secret entrance!
• Soar into the air on the Great Eagle
• Collect the never-before-seen Mouth of Sauron and Aragorn™ decoration and cape
• Black Gate of Mordor™ (with gate closed) measures over 8" (22cm) high, 11" (30cm) wide and 2" (7cm) deep
• Great Eagle wingspan measures over 7" (19cm)

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