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This is a New In Box Set

This LEGO® set is in its original sealed box and has never been opened.

Retired by LEGO®

LEGO® produces each set for a limited time, usually 2-3 years. After that they stop selling it and it becomes a retired set. Once a set is no longer available from LEGO® its value can increase if it is highly desired. We strive to offer competitive pricing on retired sets.


Martial arts master!

Sir Kentis is the skilled Knight of the Stallion! Trained in all forms of hand-to-hand combat, he always finds a way to win the battle. With his new chain-mail armor and swinging battle mace, this is one knight that no evil-doer dares to face!

NEW Collectible Sir Kentis metal can!
Swing the battle mace!

Pieces: 43

Ages: 6+

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