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Picture it: your LEGO® bricks are scattered to oblivion, minifigures are missing arms and accessories, and your favorite pieces are nowhere to be found. You and your extensive LEGO® collection deserve so much better. At Snark22, we are all-too familiar with this scenario, which is why we developed Banderbox. This LEGO® sorting box and workstation is the solution you didn’t know you needed, with collapsable walls for easy setup and cleanup, a studded lid for building and storing builds, and brackets for accessory pouches to store your favorite pieces.

On top of making your build time easier and more productive, Banderbox is a great storage unit that fits in well with your other storage bins. The containers stack neatly on top of each other, fit onto shelves, and slide into cubbies with ease. Purchase your Banderbox today from Snark22 to transform your builds.

With the purchase of additional accessory pouches, you can easily keep track of rare pieces, your favorite minifigures, and special parts.

This version of Banderbox is available in Blue. While this storage container is ideal for LEGO® and Duplo® bricks, it’s also great for storing other building blocks and toys.

Thanks to its simple construction and durability, Banderbox is suitable for builders as young as five years old.

More features:

  • The walls collapse for easy setup and cleanup of builds
  • Recessed walls add durability and allow the container to collapse completely
  • The studded lid allows projects to be stored safely in between build sessions
  • Durable rivets are made of aluminum and designed for repetitive use
  • Hinges are also built for long-term use and prevent bricks from getting stuck in the moving parts of the storage box
  • The surface area of Banderbox is large enough to easily sort bricks and find the pieces you’re looking for
  • Accessory pouches (sold separately) snap into built-in brackets for convenient storage

Box Dimensions (in inches):

Build Zone Dimensions (in inches): 15.78 x 10.62 (46×30 stud grid)

Sorting Zone Dimensions (in inches): 25.54 x 22.26

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