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C7707 Striking Venom

C7707 Striking Venom

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The ground shakes and humans flee as the Striking Venom approaches! This massive spider-like robot battle machine can carry Meca One and 6 Iron Drones into battle. Its shovel claws can dig holes in rock so the Striking Venom can tunnel and surprise its foes. Rotating laser machine cannons, thick armor and energy disc shooter make it the most powerful battle machine ever known! Can the EXO-FORCE team defeat Striking Venom, or will Sentai Fortress fall prey to its might? You decide! Includes special light brick! Includes Meca One and 6 Iron Drone robot minifigures! Gold robot Meca One mans the controls! Striking Venom stands over 11" (28cm) tall and 18" (46cm) wide! Use the rapid-fire disk launcher to battle the humans!