Ironman Minifigure Collection


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Collection includes:

SH069 Tony Stark (2013)

SH065 Iron Man Mark 42 Armor (2013)

SH405 Iron Man Mark 47 Armor (2017)

SH667 Iron Man Mark 2 Armor (Trans-Clear Head) (2020)

SH566 Iron Man Mark 5 Armor (Trans-Clear Head) (2019)

SH567 Iron Man Mark 41 Armor (Trans-Clear Head) (2019)

SH015 Iron Man Mark 6 Armor (2012-2013)

SH167 Iron Man Mark 43 Armor (2015)

SH573 Iron Man Mark 85 Armor (2019)

SH164 Iron Man Mark 45 Armor (2015)

SH496 Iron Man Mark 50 Armor (2018-2019)

SH612 Iron Man with Silver Hexagon on Chest (2020-2021)

SH575 Iron Man - White Jumpsuit, Neck Bracket (2019)

SH633 Iron Venom (2020)

SH654 Iron Man Blazer Armor (2020)

SH655 Iron Man Tazer Armor (2020)

Includes Ultimate Edition Minifigure Display


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