Marvel Cinematic Universe Minifigure Collection


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Collection includes:

SH167 Iron Man Mark 43 Armor (2015)

SH037 Hulk (2012)

SH629 Black Widow - Dark Bluish Gray Hands (2020)

SH014 Captain America - Dark Blue Suit (2012)

SH645 Thor - Spongy Cape, Pearl Dark Gray Legs (2020)

SH585 Nick Fury - Gray Sweater and Black Trench Coat (2019-2020)

SH555 Captain Marvel - Medium Nougat Hair (2019)

SH263 Black Panther, Teeth Necklace (2016)

SH261 Falcon - Light Bluish Gray and Dark Red Wings (2016)

SH257 Winter Soldier - Black Hands and Holster (2016)

SH172 Hawkeye - Black and Dark Red Suit (2015)

SH646 War Machine - Black and Silver Armor with Neck Bracket (2020)

SH561 Outrider - Extended Claws (2019)

SH613 Thanos (2020)

SH568 Chitauri (2019)

SH610 Rescue (Pepper Potts) - Dark Purple Armor (2019)

Also includes the Ultimate Edition Minifigure Display

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