The Hobbit Minifigure Collection


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This minifigure collection includes the following:

LOR030 Bilbo Baggins - Dark Red Coat

LOR083 Thorin Oakenshield - Lake-town Outfit

LOR001 Gandalf the Grey - Wizard / Witch Hat

LOR050 Dwalin the Dwarf

LOR049 Balin the Dwarf

LOR034 Tauriel, Dark Green and Dark Brown Outfit

LOR037 Kili the Dwarf

LOR036 Fili the Dwarf

LOR052 Bofur the Dwarf

LOR041 Bifur the Dwarf

LOR051 Bombur the Dwarf

LOR047 Dori the Dwarf

LOR045 Ori the Dwarf

LOR046 Nori the Dwarf

LOR056 Oin the Dwarf

LOR055 Gloin the Dwarf

Collection includes Special Edition Minifigure Display

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