Have you ever wondered what you are standing on? And even better, what's underneath that? Join your kiddos in discovering the layers of our Earth with this super hands on geology activity as we celebrate Earth day! And come on guys, look how gorgeous our Earth layers look when built with LEGO®!!! 


  • Misc. LEGO® pieces in a variety of colors
  • Computer/ Any Smart Device

Set Up:

  1. Grab all the supplies you need and find a quiet spot! It's really that easy!

Depending on the ages within your family, consider doing basic research regarding Earth's layers either prior to the start of your activity or together! For a younger audience you can focus on Earth's three main layers: the core, the mantle, and the crust. Looking for more depth for an older audience? Each of those three layers can also be divided into two parts: the inner and outer core, the upper and lower mantle, and the continental and oceanic crust. Whew. That's a lot of big words! A simple google search will help explain those!

Regardless of your family age range, we recommend adding some level of research to this activity to involve your children in their own learning!

Let's Play:

Sit your babies down and explain the topic for today's S.T.E.A.M activity! Split into groups or work as a team to research and learn simple facts about our Earth and it's layers (of course keeping in mind their age and the level of participation appropriate.)

Discuss as a family the things that you have learned/are learning! Think about the colors of your LEGO® pieces and decide together which colors can represent what layers!

Guide your children as they build, making suggestions for shaping and assisting in troubleshooting. 

That's it! It's really that simple! Easy-peesy, and so much fun!

Consider this:

  • Watching the ever so popular Bill Nye the Science Guy, episode: The Earth's Crust as an additional learning resource!
  • Using a "KWL" chart (Know, Want to Know, Learn) to help identify and discuss the things that your kiddos are observing and learning.
  • Visiting a library to find a book on the topic of Earth's layers at the developmental level of your munchkin!
  • Extending this activity with our LEGO® Volcano! Do you remember creating that one? A volcano is the perfect add-on when discussing the mantle.
  • Extending this activity by discussing "soil layers".

We can't wait to see everything that you do with this activity! Share your experiences on social media, tag us, and use the hashtag #LEGOsteamwithBAM so we can all the fun that you had!

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