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Do you love LEGO®? Our Utah Bricks Club membership will be perfect for you and your family! Save money on products you love PLUS get access to exclusive custom builds and activities while supporting local!

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What's Included?

Becoming a member of the Utah Bricks Club includes a new Make & Take Custom Build every month, an email subscription with a monthly newsletter that includes a DIY LEGO® S.T.E.A.M activity, and exclusive access / first looks at incoming products and events! And that's not all:

Build-Your-Own Minifig EVERY Month

Come in to create your own custom minifig from our Minifig Maker Table! We have a huge selection of bulk minifig pieces to choose from!

Small Tub Of Bulk Pieces EVERY Month

Fill your tub with a variety of loose bulk pieces pre-prepped and ready to go! Fill with as many pieces as you can fit in with the lid closed!

Free Custom Take & Make Set EVERY Month

Every month we release a new custom set designed by us and made with genuine LEGO® pieces!

We make your birthday month 10x more awesome!

Get an extra Build-A-Fig During Birthday Month + special discounts on Brick Parties!

Instructions With Every Monthly Custom Build

Each Monthly Custom Build comes with a set of instructions for the best building experience!


Minigames for Minifigs Season 2!

Minigames for Minifigs equals MEGA fun! These game-themed builds will drive the competition between any minifig! From igloo's to air hockey... let the games begin!

May Make and Take.JPG__PID:9d80125b-ae86-4d93-8edf-7564324d403b


Cherry Blossom Picnic

Rock Climbing Wall.jpg__PID:760d0c6a-909b-4728-a279-8a3e2467a250


Rock Climbing Wall



Balloon Ride

Half Pipe.jpg__PID:01952afb-fa1f-4ba2-a3fd-760d0c6a909b


Half Pipe




Our Make & Takes have a new & exciting theme every year!

Snoogles! - 2020

Custom four legged creatures
of various types!

Suited for Minifigs - 2021

Something a Minifig can fit in or ride on!

Around the World - 2022

Meaningful monuments from
Around the World!

minigames for minifigs.png__PID:b7afb29e-a292-450b-ada2-f3df7a54bc92

Minigames for Minifigs - 2023

Play with your minifigs with these custom builds!


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How it Works:

On the first of every month you can come into the store and pick up your Make & Take which is what we call the custom build our amazing Production Manager Adam creates! These builds are for all ages, so fun for the whole family!

Don't forget to come in each month to redeem other perks of your membership (Small Tub of Bulk, Build-Your-Own Bulk Minifig, etc.)!

Pricing Options:

We have a monthly and an annual subscription available! For the monthly it costs just $14.99. You can cancel anytime after two months, and it renews on the first of every month.

With our annual subscription you can get a whole year for just $149.99, meaning you get the first two months are FREE! It renews automatically every year on the first of the month in which you signed up.