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4705 Snape’s Class (Pre-Owned)
75947 Hagrid's Hut: Buckbeak's Rescue (Pre-Owned)75947 Hagrid's Hut: Buckbeak's Rescue (Pre-Owned)
75948 Hogwarts Clock Tower (no minifigures) (Pre-Owned)
75948 Hogwarts Clock Tower (Pre-Owned)
Save $10
75954 Hogwarts Great Hall (Pre-Owned)75954 Hogwarts Great Hall (Pre-Owned)
75954 Hogwarts Great Hall (Pre-Owned)
Sale price$79.99 Regular price$89.99
Save $15
75955 Hogwarts Express (Pre-Owned)
75955 Hogwarts Express (Pre-Owned)
Sale price$49.99 Regular price$64.99
75969 Hogwarts Astronomy Tower (Pre-Owned)
76388 Hogsmeade Village Visit (Used) (Pre-Owned)
76389 Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets (Pre-Owned)
76391 Hogwarts Icons - Collectors Edition (Pre-Owned)76391 Hogwarts Icons - Collectors Edition (Pre-Owned)
76402 Hogwarts - Dumbledore's Office (Pre-Owned)76402 Hogwarts - Dumbledore's Office (Pre-Owned)
76403 The Ministry of Magic (No Minifigs) (Pre-Owned)76403 The Ministry of Magic (No Minifigs) (Pre-Owned)
76416 Quidditch Trunk (Pre-Owned)76416 Quidditch Trunk (Pre-Owned)
76419 Hogwarts Castle and Grounds (Pre-Owned)

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