Image of The Anderson Family

“All I ever wanted to play with as a kid was with LEGO®—I grew up in the Neo-Classic Space Era when space ships were white & blue and had the 9v brick with lights and sound. My friends and I built some pretty tricked out trucks, campers, and houses too!

Images of Old Neo Space LEGO® SetsImages from

Then I gave away my giant tub of pieces, and packed away my joyful LEGO® memories so I could “grow up”. I soon lost touch with that younger, creative, LEGO®-loving side of myself… until a few years ago! I reconnected with the joyful, creative builder inside of me and bought my first set in years.

Danielle and I discovered Bricks & Minifigs in another city. We brought it to Utah as a way to share the joy and creativity we feel when building with LEGO®. For us, Bricks & Minifigs is a welcoming place where the community can shop, play, and share the joy with us!”

- Cory Anderson, Owner