Buy, Sell & Trade LEGO®

Sell your Used Sets

We’ll buy Pre-Owned sets in any condition. You’ll get the most for your trade if they are built, complete, clean, and include their minifigures and instructions.

Sell your New-In-Box Sets

We’ll buy your New-In-Box sets as long as they are retired. We cannot purchase sealed sets that are still for sale by LEGO®.

Sell your Minifigs

We’ll buy any genuine LEGO® brand minifigures, even if you don’t have the set to go with them! You’ll get the most if they’re in good condition with their accessories and no scratches or cracking.

Sell your Bulk LEGO® Pieces

We’ll buy your loose LEGO® pieces even if the sets are not built. You’ll get the most for your trade if they’re clean, without other toys, and non-LEGO® brand building blocks.

We are your one stop shop for
buying, selling and trading LEGO® products!

Here at Bricks & Minifigs South Jordan & SLC we believe in upcycling and building a strong community!
What better way to do that than selling your LEGO® for trade in or cash?

With a huge selection, Bricks & Minifigs buys, sells, and trades all things LEGO®.
We have everything in our stores - from rare and retired sets, collectable minifigures, accessories,
custom builds, to overflowing bins of bricks you can sort through and buy in bulk.

Stay green and schedule a Buyback appointment today!

How to Sell & Trade

Where to begin

You can schedule an appointment to come into either our South Jordan or Salt Lake locations further down this page. Once you have received your confirmation email, you’ll arrive and bring your LEGO® product to the store’s Sell & Trade counter.

What to expect during your appointment

We will evaluate your sets, bulk, and minifigs based on several factors, including condition, demand and quantity, and then make you an offer. You can choose the cash value or the higher in-store credit value. 

What to remember

We offer the most for built sets with as many original pieces, minifigs, and instructions as you have. Our policies prohibit the purchase of New-In-Box items currently available on LEGO’s website.

After your appointment

You’ll feel good knowing that you have passed your love of LEGO® onto a new generation and got paid to do it!

In-Store Buyback Appointment
with South Jordan

Scheduling an appointment with us is entirely
free! A South Jordan employee will be ready
for you at the day and time you specify.

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In-Store Buyback Appointment
with Salt Lake 

Scheduling an appointment with us is entirely
free! A Salt Lake employee will be ready for
you at the day and time you specify.

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Customer Reviews

Jared Madsen

The staff here are always super friendly and helpful, and always willing to help you find what you are looking for. I'm not even a super huge LEGO collector, other than mostly when I was a kid. I still always find several things that catch my eye and make me smile. Always a hit with the kids.

Yuliia Shulha

A good store with used Legos. You can sell it to them or you can buy pieces you need.

Djinni Yancey

If you love Legos need to give them up, you will love this store. You can buy new or used Legos, or you can get cash for genuine Legos. They have a huge assortment of mini-figures from rare to common, and even some custom ones. They have a monthly club where people can make and take a set. Totally a fun store for all ages. No one is too old for Legos!