Celebrate the beginning of fall with this months LEGO® inspired S.T.E.A.M activity!!! Our Fall Tree Mosaic highlights seasonal changes in a way that encourages skills in problem-solving, artistic design, creativity and engineering!

This simple activity is perfect for all ages and easily allows individuals the autonomy to adapt and extend different parts to meet individual needs and preferences! Make sure you read our "Consider This" section first for a variety of ideas on how to introduce this activity to your sweet little ones!


  • Bulk LEGO® pieces in the following colors and sizes
    • Brown bricks in a variety of shapes and sizes
    • Green bricks in a variety of shapes and sizes
    • Red, Yellow, and Green bricks that are 1 x 1 studs (whether round or square)
  • A Baseplate (we recommend Blue)

    Let's Play:

    As mentioned previously there are a variety of ideas and options in our, "Consider This,' section that will aid you in highlighting S.T.E.A.M principles throughout this build. Once you have decided what elements to include, sit your crew down together and start building a mosaic modeled after trees during the Fall season! We recommend introducing some terminology surrounding Fall and Mosaics to help set the stage for building and encourage discussion early on! We have included a few words and definitions at the end of this section.

    Although this activity really is as simple as it sounds, we know that creating time and space for your families to create and explore is bonding and helps your kids learn to love learning!

    Consider this:

    • Completing a K.W.L "Know, Want to Know, and Learn" chart about the four seasons, especially surrounding fall and its characteristics
    • Starting off this activity with a field trip to observe the changing Fall trees in your community. This provides real life play and observation for your little one to draw conclusions and make observations of their very own
    • Researching different parts of the world to see how their seasons may differ. (For example how Winter in Australia is during our summer months.)
    • Adding an additional element for an older age group to choose a specific kind of tree to recreate with their mosaic. (For example oak, fir, redwood, maple, pine.)
    • Extending this activity with more in-depth information highlighted in our LEGO® S.T.E.A.M Art Subscription (Linked below!)
    • Involving your family in the preparation of this activity and having them sort and select the correct fall colors to use for their project
    • Utilizing books, T.V shows, or other online resources to explain the process of seasonal changes!
    • Compiling a list of all of your favorite Fall traditions to ring in the new fall season. For example cuddling, drinking hot chocolate, watching Hocus Pocus, and playing LEGO®
    • Researching the history of Mosaics and discussing your findings with one another

    We can't wait to see everything that you do with this activity! Share your experiences on social media, tag us, and use the hashtag #LEGOsteamwithBAM so we can all the fun that you had!

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