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Utah Bricks Club - Monthly Membership
$5.00 Ball Minifig$5.00 Ball Minifig
$5.00 Ball Minifig
Sale price$5
Gift Card
Gift Card
Sale priceFrom $5
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Large BagLarge Bag
Large Bag
Sale price$40
Infinity Cube- Assorted ColorsInfinity Cube- Assorted Colors
75299 Trouble on Tatooine™75299 Trouble on Tatooine™
Save $2
Infinity Cube TransparentInfinity Cube Transparent
Infinity Cube Transparent
Sale priceFrom $8 Regular price$10
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71029 Series 21 Collectible Minifigure (Random Bag)71029 Series 21 Collectible Minifigure (Random Bag)
75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack
21162 The Taiga Adventure21162 The Taiga Adventure
21162 The Taiga Adventure
Sale price$12.99
71360 Adventures with Mario Starter Course71360 Adventures with Mario Starter Course
71386 Character Packs Series 2 {Random Bag}71386 Character Packs Series 2 {Random Bag}
41391 Heartlake City Hair Salon41391 Heartlake City Hair Salon
41422 Panda Jungle Tree House41422 Panda Jungle Tree House
Bulk Smash at Salt Lake- Feb 27th
76146 Spider-Man Mech76146 Spider-Man Mech
76146 Spider-Man Mech
Sale price$12.99
sw1093 501st Legion Jet Troopersw1093 501st Legion Jet Trooper
31058 Mighty Dinosaurs31058 Mighty Dinosaurs
31058 Mighty Dinosaurs
Sale price$17.99
60255 Stunt Team60255 Stunt Team
60255 Stunt Team
Sale price$11.99
Infinity Cube - IngotInfinity Cube - Ingot
Infinity Cube - Ingot
Sale price$12
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76141 Thanos Mech76141 Thanos Mech
76141 Thanos Mech
Sale price$12.99
30384 Snowspeeder
30384 Snowspeeder
Sale price$7.99
31088 Deep Sea Creatures31088 Deep Sea Creatures
31088 Deep Sea Creatures
Sale price$17.99
Motor & Power Supply
Motor & Power Supply
Sale price$19.95
75263 Resistance Y-wing Microfighter75263 Resistance Y-wing Microfighter
76896 Nissan GT-R NISMO76896 Nissan GT-R NISMO
76896 Nissan GT-R NISMO
Sale price$24.99
41421 Baby Elephant Jungle Rescue41421 Baby Elephant Jungle Rescue
76168 Captain America Mech Armor76168 Captain America Mech Armor
11010 White Baseplate11010 White Baseplate
11010 White Baseplate
Sale price$9.99
40120630 Mini Box 8 - Red
21159 The Pillager Outpost21159 The Pillager Outpost
21159 The Pillager Outpost
Sale price$34.99
75939 Dr. Wu's Lab: Baby Dinosaurs Breakout75939 Dr. Wu's Lab: Baby Dinosaurs Breakout
76171 Miles Morales Mech Armor76171 Miles Morales Mech Armor
71700 Jungle Raider71700 Jungle Raider
71700 Jungle Raider
Sale price$12.97
Marine Corps Infantry Desert MARPAT Minifigure #41
75266 Sith Troopers Battle Pack75266 Sith Troopers Battle Pack
75890 Ferrari F40 Competizione75890 Ferrari F40 Competizione
41903 Cosmic Wonder Bracelet41903 Cosmic Wonder Bracelet
40120634 Mini Box 8 - Green
76169 Thor Mech Armor76169 Thor Mech Armor
76169 Thor Mech Armor
Sale price$12.99
Individual Student License- Math
CDX Little DipperCDX Little Dipper
CDX Little Dipper
Sale price$39.99