Acrylic Display Stand (AS02-15b) - Classic 15 Stand - Black Base


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Elevate your LEGO® creations with a Tricked Out Bricks® Universal Display Stand!

The Classic Series Display Stands are uniquely designed to fit hundreds of LEGO® building sets. The X-slot connection point in the base allows a single stand to be configured in multiple angles and positions so you can find just the right position to make your LEGO® creations look awesome!

  • The baseplate is precision cut black gloss 1/4” Optix® Acrylic.
  • A built-in minifigure plate. A LEGO® 2×4 plate is integrated into the display stand baseplate enabling you to display your favorite minifigures alongside your LEGO® creation.
  • The crystal clear display arm lifts your LEGO® build 5” into the air and then fades into the background, ensuring your build is the center of attention.
  • The Classic 15 Stand comes with an arched stand arm that is pitched at 15° and fits into the unique X-slot connection point in the baseplate. It can be rotated and fixed in multiple positions to give your build a unique look with each angle.
  • The connector brick at the top of the stand arm incorporates a LEGO® 2×4 plate to create the perfect connection point with your LEGO® build to hold it firmly in place. The connector brick can be configured in multiple positions depending on the needs of your build.
  • This stand comes in a kit and snaps firmly together. Assembly is required.

Arm Angle: 15°

Display Stand Dimensions: Width 3.75” x Depth 5.1” x Height 5.0”

Pieces: 5

Material: Acrylic

Age: 10+

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