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Galactic warfare goes supernova with the explosive weaponry included in the BrickArms Nova Blaster Pack! From compact but deadly blast pistols to powerful, accurate sniper rifles and deadly energy blades.

Pack includes:

  • A350 Blast Rifle
  • A360 Blast Sniper Rifle
  • Dark Blade
  • DC-17M w/mag
  • DH-426 Scatter Blast Cannon
  • DL-18 Blast Pistol
  • E-11 V2 w/mag
  • E-24DT w/maga
  • EL-16HFE Blast Rifle
  • GF-3556 Blast Pistol
  • GKS-1 Blast Pistol
  • GKS-2 Blast Pistol
  • Glie-44 Blast Pistol
  • Marshall Rifle
  • Marshall Pistol
  • MK-M Blast Sniper Rifle
  • RK-3 Blast Pistol
  • RT-97C Heavy Blast Rifle w/magazine & scope
  • Tracker Fob
  • Westar-35R Blast Pistol

More Blasters are available in the Blaster Pack - Revolution & Blaster Pack - Stellar & Blaster Pack - Vector

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