BA WWII Weapons Pack v3


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  • US M1 Helmet
  • US M1 Garand
  • US M1 Carbine FS
  • US M1911
  • US M1A1 SMG
  • British Brodie Helmet
  • British SMLE Mk3
  • British Sten w/Mag
  • British Webley Revolver
  • Soviet SSh40 Helmet
  • Soviet Mosin Rifle
  • Soviet PPSh SMG
  • Soviet PPSh TT-33
  • German Stahlhelm
  • German Kar98 Rifle
  • German MP40 v2E
  • German P08 Luger
  • Japanese Type 90 Helmet
  • Japanese Ariasaka Rifle
  • Japanese Nambu Pistol
  • Japanese Type 91 Grenade
  • SSh40 as) M33 Helmet
  • NEW Italian Carcano
  • NEW Italian Carcano
  • NEW Italian MAB 38

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