Hello friends! Steve here!

I had such a fun time with the Graham Family. We made everyday an adventure. I got to go on a family outing to Scheels, where we were hoping the Ferris wheel would be open. Unfortunately it was closed, so I got a picture with it instead. We saw a lot of really cool things in that gigantic store. So many amazing animals! I loved seeing the airplane in the building and can’t wait to fly on one someday. We also saw some tropical fish swimming in the wall. Of course we stopped in the toy section to browse through the LEGO and see my friends. I even had a little story time George Washington before leaving!

One of my favorite activities from this past week was being able to attend the Hale Center Theatre. I’ve never been to a play before and I’m not afraid to say that I officially LOVE MUSICAL THEATRE! It was so much fun. We saw, “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. To quote the novel, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." but really for me, it was most definitely the best of times. WOW! I really wish I could sing and act. They blew it out of the water! If my little plastic arms could get goosebumps, I’m sure they would have. It was amazing!

Yo-ho-ho, Shiver me timbers. I also learned that life CAN be all fun and games, even when doing hard work. I helped out with some chores with me hearties and we pretended we were pirates and ‘Scrubbed the deck’. Arrrrrgh you can call me Captain Stinky boot Steve. It was such a fun weekend! Thanks Graham Family for hosting me. 



A Little Bit About the Graham Family

They are a family of 5- native to Utah- who love to travel to new and exciting places! Especially Disneyland ;)

They were first introduced to Bricks & Minifigs by Jeanna's father who is the ULTIMATE LEGO® LOVING Grandpa!

They have recently rekindled their love for LEGO®. They find it addicting and admit they've been bitten by the LEGO® buy, though they aren't too mad about it ;) Building LEGO® is one of the ways they love to spend time together as a family. They build sets over and over and over. And once the kids are in bed, mom and dad enjoy some uninterrupted time building expert sets!

Jeanna has fond memories of building LEGO® with her siblings on quiet Sunday afternoons while growing up. She's grateful for the time she has now to create more memories brick by brick with her kiddos.

And their favorites?

Dad: Creator Expert Cars

Mom: Creator Expert Modular Buildings

8 year old: Airplane, Helicopter, and Technic Sets

4 year old: Ninjago and Super Heroe

Baby: Anything she can put in her mouth ;)


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