A small glimpse into our weekend with Steve!

We were so excited for the opportunity to check-out minifig Steve and bring him along for our family adventures for the week! Basketball is a fan favorite in our house and is something that my son looks forward to and really enjoys! It was great to have a Lego friend to join in on the action.

After practice, my son was so excited to tell his team mates all about the Bricks & Minifigs store and all the cool things they had to offer! Such as tables full of lego they could dig through to pick out what pieces they liked best and so many sets and lego all around! He also let them know that they could bring Minifig Steve home with them too! We had so much fun taking Steve with us to basketball practice we decided to drag him along for day-to-day errands like a Target run. And even better, with all this snow our friend Steve got to join us for some sledding!

Overall, we had a blast and can't wait to check him out again sometime in the future! We look forward to seeing the many memories friends create with Steve in our community and hope to see him back on the courts sometime!

A Little Bit About the Albiston Family

They are a LEGO® loving family of 7 who's passion is finding things that they all enjoy and can do together!

Their favorite LEGO® sets are currently Minecraft, Marvel, Ninjago, and Friends!

They first found Bricks & Minifigs a few months ago and now make it a habit to stop in as often as they can to see all the fun and exciting LEGO® they have! They also love that at Bricks & Minifigs they can make things custom to what they're into. Such as the bulk and minifig table where they can select the exact LEGO® pieces they want!

Laura especially loves that, even though they have many children at different ages, building with LEGO® is one thing they all love to do including the parents ;)


Did you know that you can bring Steve home with you too? Make sure to visit our Adventure's With Steve Checkout page linked HERE to learn more!

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