Now that you know a little more about our good friend Steve, we can’t wait for you to start making memories together!

Steve is available to start his adventures each week on Wednesday during regular store hours! To schedule a time to check him out simply click on one of the buttons below and choose a time that works best for you! Make sure to write the date and time you chose on your calendar so you don’t forget to stop by to pick him up!

During your scheduled “check-out” time a Bricks & Minifigs employee will help you at the location you selected when booking your experience. You will receive a brief introduction to our Adventures with Steve program, a care package, and our good friend Minifig Steve to help you get started. While there, a LEGO® associate can help answer any questions or concerns you may have! After that, it’s pretty simple! Take Steve home, make memories together brick by brick, and bring him back the following Monday prior to 6:00 PM! Click on one of the buttons below to get started!

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Click here to schedule your Adventure with Steve!
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Do you still have a few more questions about what to do during your Adventures with Steve?

  • When you are going somewhere or hanging out with friends and family take some pictures with him. (He's pretty photogenic so don't worry about that part!)
  • Upon picking up Steve you should have been given a thumb drive, this thumb drive is for you to upload all the great photos and videos you took with Steve. 
  • After uploading your photos, tell us all about them! Write down all your experiences in a document and upload them to the thumb drive. 
  • Say your Goodbyes! Don't worry, Steve is never too far away! 

To read all about his adventures so far, check out our blog at the button below!