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Welcome to our Blog! We love this community of LEGO® lovers and are so glad you are here! Our Blog features a variety of free activities and stories about customers just like you! We hope you stick around so we can continue to build memories together brick by brick!

Create real life memories with Minifig Steve!

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If you love LEGO® as much as we think you do then you'll love our Adventure's with Steve free program! Click on the "Learn More" button or scroll through our clickable Blog Posts below to read about Steve's Adventures around Utah and how you can participate too!

The best part about LEGO® is its endless ability to spark creativity and learning! We know how much you value learning and love to find new ways to incorporate LEGO® play into educational settings that also provide bonding experiences for you and your littles!

Don't miss out on opportunities to build real-life skills in a variety of disciplines with your kiddos in a fun and innovative way with our "Do It Yourself" LEGO® S.T.E.A.M activities! 

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